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“SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms” is coming!

December 16th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

FACT Magazine have unveiled the artwork and tracklisting of our next compilation “SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms”, plus a stream of the opening track by young Parisian talent Doline!

“SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms” comes out 19 Jan 2015 on Digital, CD and 2xLP Gatefold Vinyl!


Track listing :

  1. Doline“Karidja”
  2. Orgasmic“Mauvais Garçon”
  3. Sudanim“Seydou”
  4. Koyote “Brigitte”
  5. Joe Howe “Zoned Reminder”
  6. Nicolas Malinowsky “Haunted Piano”
  7. Matthias Zimmermann“Shaquana”
  8. Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris“Late Visitor”
  9. Voltery “5 Shadows”
  10. CYPHR“Have Faith”
  11. Crystal“Bill Gate”
  12. Moleskin “Imagine (Handsome Boys Lifestyle)”
  13. Medicis & Vanshift“P11 (outro)”
  14. Martel Ferdan“Toy Gun” **iTUNES EXCLUSIVE**
Bosses video report

Watch the video report from our first BOSSES club night!

November 17th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

Memories from the 1st edition of Sound Pellegrino’s BOSSES club residency on 07 Nov 2014, with sets by JIMMY EDGAR (Ultramajic), DJ HAUS (Unknown To The Unknown), TEKI LATEX & ORGASMIC.


Video by Hugo Campan © Sound Pellegrino
Music by Orgasmic (forthcoming on Sound Pellegrino)

BOSSES is the latest addition to the Sound Pellegrino Multiverse.
The label’s new club residency in Paris — curated by the label’s founders Teki Latex & Orgasmic — brings together 2 deejays running labels from Sound Pellegrino’s world wide family every 2 months.

Interviews, videos and music from the Bosses community on


Klem wins the Matthias Zimmermann remix contest on Wasabeat!

November 13th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

Klem banner

Matthias Zimmermann has picked his favourite remix of “Reginald” from the dozens of entries of the remix contest we did with Wasabeat… and the winner is the French producer Klem!

It’s only after we asked him to send us a few words about his background that we discovered that he’s been following our adventures for a while and that we’ve crossed paths more than once… read about him and buy his remix on Wasabeat:

Congrats to Klem and to all the participants for their efforts and thanks to Wasabeat!

Bosses photos

64 pictures from our first BOSSES party

November 11th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

The first BOSSES club night took place on 07 Nov 2014 at Showcase in Paris with sets by our guests JIMMY EDGAR (Ultramajic) & DJ HAUS (Unknown To The Unknown) plus residents Teki Latex & Orgasmic.

Video snapshots by Hugo Campan © Sound Pellegrino

You can also view this gallery on Facebook and tag your friends when you see them!

Bosses interview

Read our first BOSSES conversation for Red Bull Studios with Jimmy Edgar and DJ Haus

November 4th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi


Read our first BOSSES conversation for Red Bull Studios with Jimmy Edgar and DJ Haus:

With Teki & Orgasmic we discuss how starting your own label often means thinking outside of your own box, what keeps you going, delivery methods and how one can through his work sometimes poke fun at the visual motifs associated with his own spiritual journey [SPOILER: turns out it’s better not to overthink stuff], the different forms that a musical family can have, and an old friend we used to call Eurocrunk…

Bosses carré

Sound Pellegrino announces BOSSES: a new residency in Paris

October 27th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

BOSSES is the latest addition to the Sound Pellegrino multiverse. The label’s new Parisian residency.

Every 2 months, the thinkers and makers of current electronic music, united by their adventurous minds, meet at Bosses : 2 deejays running labels from Sound Pellegrino’s world wide family, joining the Parisian label’s founders Teki Latex & Orgasmic at Paris’ 2000-capacity club Showcase built in a tunnel under historic landmark Pont Alexandre III.

The first edition takes place on 7 November with Jimmy Edgar (head of Ultramajic) and DJ Haus (head of Unknown To The Unknown).

Tickets are available here:
Take advantage of a limited quantity of early bird tickets at the special price of 9.80€!

RSVP on Facebook:



Listen: a lecture about the specificities of electronic music labels

October 16th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

On 14 October a lecture about the specificities of electronic music labels took place in Nantes, announcing the Sound Pellegrino label night at Stereolux.


Emile Shahidi, directeur of Sound Pellegrino, answered Mathias Riquier (journalist for Tracks, Arte) on the following topics:
What are the differences with a generalist label? How to communicate? What promotional tools to use? What is the economic reality? Are niche labels sustainable?

Listen to the conférence (131 minutes, in French) below and on Trempolino’s website.

Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed

“Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed”: a new mix by Teki Latex on Pitchfork!

October 10th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

Teki’s new mix “Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed” got Pitchfork’s Philip Sherbune thinking about Ikea and Richard H. Kirk!
Read the article here:

An exceptional exercise, mixed live with 3 CDJs, no edits.

Teki Latex : “Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed” is me messing with the concept of tools in electronic music. After falling in love with Lorenzo Senni’s brand of drum-less Trance, i assembled some tracks in the same vein, as well as synth-based drum-less Grime tracks with Trance influences and naked synth lead loops from proper Trance tool albums. Then on the other side i collected hard hitting drum tracks from all genres, all totally devoid of melodies in order to stick them on top of the drum-less Trance parts. Then it was like playing a musical construction game and re-contextualizing these synth-based pieces by giving them totally different and unpredictable rhythmic identities. The result is meant to be perceived as one long piece of music with several melodic motifs coming in and out.